Saint Michael Chaplet

St. Michael appeared one day to a devout Servant of God,Antonia d’ Astonac, and told her that he wished to be honored by 9 salutations to 9 choirs of angels: seraphim,cherubim,thrones,Dominions, Powers,Principalities,Archangels, and Angels. In return St. Michael promised: “Whoever would Practise this devotion in his honor would have, when approaching the Holy table, an escort of 9 angels chosen from each of the 9 Choirs of angels. In addition, for the daily recital of these 9 salutations, he promised his continual assistance and that of all the holy angels during life, and after death deliverance from Purgatory for themselves and all their relatives. Instructions on how to pray included


Saint Michael Chaplet


Chaplet with instructions on how to pray it